S1-E1-Vinnie Brand with Special Guest Robert Kelly

Tuesday Night Live! with Vicki and Vinnie

11-01-2012 • 1時間 6分

Want to know what makes comedian Robert Kelly tick?

This week on The Proving Ground we get to meet comedian Robert Kelly. During his candid discussion with Vinnie we find out how Robert first landed on stage as a comic and what keeps him there. From his beginnings in the Boston comedy scene, coming up in a "freshman" class with names like Bill Burr, Dane Cook and Patrice Oneal, we find out how he got his first laugh, what it made him feel like, and how that laugh let him know instantly that it was time to shelve that silly idea about becoming an art teacher. After all, he was only using art to get laid.

The Proving Ground is a weekly, 1 hour interview podcast, hosted by comedian and owner of the Stress Factory comedy club, Vinnie Brand. Recorded in front of a live audience every Thursday, Vinnie takes you ”back stage”, as he digs into the processes, motives, hopes and dreams of today's comedy rock stars.