S1-E2-Vinnie Brand with Special Guest Bret Ernst

Tuesday Night Live! with Vicki and Vinnie

14-01-2012 • 1時間 12分

Born in NJ and relocatong to south Florida at an early age, childhood found Bret moving from town to town and school to school,landing him in and out of trouble. Bret eventually graduated from Plantation High School and went on to college at C.W. Post, where he played football and graduated with honors.
Being the "new kid" in town constantly, Bret had to literally "fight or flight" to survive as an adolescent. This ability to adapt and overcome at a young age is what gave him the fearlessness to get on stage without any inhibitions, once there he never looked back.
He is now a sought after top headliner in the industry having been in feature films with Vince Vaughn and as a recurring character on the Showtime series Weeds. Listen in as Vinnie Brand interviews this very funny, comedy rock star and find out all the details of how he “came up” and continues to be a success.

The Proving Ground is a weekly, 1 hour interview podcast, hosted by comedian and owner of the Stress Factory comedy club, Vinnie Brand. Recorded in front of a live audience every Thursday, Vinnie takes you ”back stage”, as he digs into the processes, motives, hopes and dreams of today's comedy rock stars.