7 More Speedy Strategies to Edit Your Novel Faster

Your Next Draft

27-12-2022 • 29分

Writing your book doesn't have to take forever. Editing your book doesn't have to take forever.

And in this episode, the fourth and final installment of our speedy writing and editing series, you'll learn seven strategies to make your editing process more efficient so you can finish your next draft—and then your next book—faster.

We'll cover:

  • How to make sure the changes you're making to your novel will work—before you edit a single word.
  • Why taking extra time to practice the skill of editing one scene will have an outsized impact on your whole editing process.
  • Why making reading a regular part of your life will help you edit faster and more effectively.

Want more speedy tips? Check out episode 6 of the podcast for three more strategies to edit your novel faster. And check out episode 4 and episode 5 for tips on how to finish your first draft faster. Hint: these tips will be helpful in your editing process, too!

Plus, get a quick-reference list of all ten speedy editing strategies by going to alicesudlow.com/editfast.

And if you’d like expert editing support that will help you finish your next draft so much faster, I’d love to help. Send me a note at alice@alicesudlow.com and tell me about your book!

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