Gage Kirby gives white people everywhere a bad name, cyberbulling is an official outlet for his cult

It's the Ahn ShinAe Show by PenaVega!

30-08-2021 • 4時間 15分

Update: so the Straight Pride Parade in Modesto California was shut down by Antifa and the Modesto police. This fake Parade was led by known racist and loyal Proud Boy Jesse Lee Peterson from Los Angeles California. They were out there in 100 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures, just to promote their own personal hatred and vendetta on the LGBTQ+ community. Special thanks to the Modesto Police, to those who stand up for the people of Modesto and the entire world who are oppressed by the anarchist who wants democracy destroyed, and to the mayor of Modesto who has took action against the hatred that poisons the atmosphere of that city. In this episode of the Ahn ShinAe Show, you will hear Gage Kirby instigating trouble with a liberal alongside multiple cult followers. One thing that you will also hear, is said liberal standing up for himself and putting Gage Kirby and his cult in their place. You are valid and nothing will ever change that. Here on the Ahn Shin-Ae Show! Where your mental fitness is our business! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: