Addressing Anxiety in Youth Sports with Coach Michael Atunrase

Stop Faking Fine

28-10-2022 • 45分

EP18. It’s easy to think that athletes practice, practice, practice and simply show up to the game and play. But it’s not always that simple. The mental nuisances of competitive sports is an underrated challenge, especially in our youth. Coach Mike Atunrase is back to talk all about the anxieties that plague young athletes. In this episode he shares how preparing your skillset, body, and mind are the keys to alieving depression and anxiety before you walk onto the field. We will also dive into why most popular “sports drinks” might just be adding to your anxiety! Listen in...

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Guest: Coach Mike | Follow Him on Instagram (@Coach_Mike_Atunrase)
Coach Mike is a former professional football player, master trainer, sports performance coach and the founder of “Resilience Fitness and Sports Performance Training.”

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