Your Body is not a Project to Complete, with Sarah Larrabee

Stop Faking Fine

22-07-2022 • 31分

EP10. Our bodies are not our enemy or a project to complete. Sarah Larrabee started on a weightloss journey at 300 pounds. Starting in an obsese place, she shares her story of going from wanting to "fix herself" to "healing herself," and that's when things really changed. Comprehending that wellness is not a destination, but rather a choice to make a million times every day; and, she shares her secrets to long lasting success--mentally and with the scale.

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Host: Dana Lewis,

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Guest: Sarah Larrabee

MORE ABOUT SARAH: A former Coast Guard Operations Officer who found her passion in helping people connect to their unique light. Prior to starting her practice, Sarah worked as a clinical counselor in both private and agency settings. She holds a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, is a Board Certified Coach, and holds a Certificate for Mental Wellness Coaching. Sarah resides on a farm on the north shore of Long Island, NY with her partner Mike and two teenage sons.


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