Drinking Socially - S4 Ep. 8: To Go Please

Drinking Socially - The Official Untappd Podcast

10-03-2021 • 34分

"To go" has been our only dining and imbibing option for a year now. Have we all collectively maxed out the "To Go Please" badge on Untappd yet? This week, our focus is on leveling up the badge that shows love to our friendly neighborhood bodegas, gas stations, bottle shops, supermarkets, and more. You picked up that six-pack at the flea market down the road? Score! Purchased At - tag it. By tagging your Purchased At location, you're reminding your future hazy-dazy self where you picked up that great IPA from. We're drinking H.A.Z.Y. from SweetWater Brewing Company, and highlighting The Pour House chain in Pennsylvania as our Verified Venue of the week which has H.A.Z.Y on tap and a fantastic selection of craft beer. Have questions, want to be a guest on the podcast, or just want to say hello? Email podcasts@untappd.com.