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This is very different series than anything I have done. I usually stay out of the personal aspects of entrepreneurship but I know how challenging it can be - especially if you have some notion of balance.

So what is my end game for the series? To become a biz mogul, to build an empire of multiple businesses that are built and run in a way that my role is limited to the critical.

Before we get started one last thought. Look at IBGR as your CGO - your fractional Chief Growth Officer, a partner for Living The Life on Your Terms. We have built a platform that moves beyond the one-way conversation of radio and podcasts to real relationships; our Community of Commerce.

Start by joining my new group in the Community of Commerce - Living the Lifewhere we can discuss how The Life is effecting you. I have a script ready for you in my group - all you have to do is join.

This series of shows is focused on a subject not normally discussed - building an empire. If you are a serial entrepreneur maybe your future is not building and selling but building and buying?

I have worked with several entrepreneurs that have built empires as well as studied the best. This series represents everything I have learned and done over my career - and one more thing - I am building an empire in front of you starting with IBGR.

Last thought - our goal at IBGR, be a game changer for you.

Key Issues - Owner Perspective:

  1. What is balance?
  2. What model can I use to build this business that is eating me alive?
  3. Can i make that work in other businesses?
  4. Can I really manage something I don't understand?

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The purpose of this show was to provide a road map for all to build a business empire and maintain some semblance of sanity and a personal life.

We are your single, one stop source for business and personal success, period, end of story.

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S11 E21 Our Distorted Economy with William Eastman
S11 E21 Our Distorted Economy with William Eastman
Today we are taking a break from interviews and focusing on the global economy. Once a month we stop and look at what is going on - to borrow the song title from Marvin Gaye. Although today's show is a lesson about monetary policy in the United States, the example works for almost every country in the world. As the world becomes more interconnected, the same philosophy drives decision making in London, Brussels, and Beijing. If you take every country in the world and look at monetary policy since the Great Recession of 2008-2010, they printed and added $35 trillion dollars to the global money supply and that represents 50% of the world's GDP ($85 trillion). Since the root of inflation is the over-printing of money, which devalues the purchasing power of a currency, that money must be extracted from circulation. Why is it a problem? Because when you distort the value of a currency, you distort prices. If a currency is inflated, the prices of all products and services, by definition, must be increased. Since any market that operates on some market basis uses price as a signal to produce more or produce less - you create artificial stimulation. The increase in price is a signal to produce more if you are in a market or to jump into a market. This usually turns into a disaster for those companies that act on price signals - and we all do. This sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. EPISODE 21: Our Distorted Economy The essence of the problem is that there are VERY TRUE market economies, economies that would be considered capitalist. Today, most economic models are a blend of capitalism, state corporatism, and modern monetary theory. This is a witch brew that will lead to economic devastation globally. Topics: Will this lead to a global recession? (Destruction of the dollar as a reserve currency, high price for energy due to policy, the inability to reduce the money supply) How long will the recession last? (government action distorts the business cycle, 18 months at least instead 6-8 months, ) What should governments do to solve the problem? (bring down inflation by reducing the money supply, accurately measure inflation - it is not a social construct, dealing with sovereign debt, abandon a central planning mindset)