Intimacy, with Katherine Twamley

Uncommon Sense

24-06-2022 • 41分

Think of intimacy and, pretty soon, you’ll probably think about sex. But, as sociologist Katherine Twamley explains, intimacy means much more than that: it’s woven through so many of our relationships – including with people whose names we might not even know. She tells Rosie and Alexis how an accidental trip to India got her thinking about the varied meanings of “love” across cultures and contexts, and reflects on whether, to quote the famous song, love and marriage really do “go together like a horse and carriage”.

Plus: what could it mean to decolonise love? Why should we be wary of acts performed in the name of love? Will we ever live in a truly “contactless” world, and who wants that? And we get intimate with the artist Sophie Calle.

Guest: Katherine Twamley
Rosie Hancock, Alexis Hieu Truong
Executive Producer:
Alice Bloch
Sound Engineer:
David Crackles
Joe Gardner
Erin Aniker

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Episode Resources

Katherine, Rosie, Alexis and our producer Alice recommended

  • Ian McEwan’s novel “Machines Like Me”
  • Haruhiko Kawaguchi’s photography
  • Sophie Calle’s conceptual art
  • Alex Thompson’s film “Saint Frances”

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