Surrogacy and Gestational ‘Womb Mates’ with Guest Jessie Jaskulsky!

Geriatric Mamas

14-09-2023 • 44分

On this episode, Sonia and Jessica are joined by Surrogacy Consultant and Concierge, Jessie Jaskulsky. Jessie has two baby girls who were born via surrogacy! The three discuss the Jessie’s journey to geriatric mama-hood as well as her two very different and educational experiences with the surrogacy process.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Chrissy Teigan’s Recent Experience (1:50)

  • Jessie’s Surrogacy Consulting and Concierge Company (2:48)

  • Why It’s Important To Have Surrogacy Support As An Intended Parent (4:02)

  • Celebrities Who Have Had Children Via Surrogacy (6:46)

  • Jessie’s Story (8:38)

  • Health Insurance For Surrogacy (16:59)

  • Three-Nagers and Two-Nagers (19:38)

  • Finding a Gestational Carrier Independently (20:15)

  • Where Is Surrogacy Legalized? (24:43)

  • Psychologists & Getting On The Same Page (26:03)

  • Bonding With Baby After Surrogacy (30:18)

  • Telling Children They Were Brought Into the World Via Surrogacy (35:29)

Check out the Show Notes including resources mentioned in this episode Here!