Cross Cultural Evangelism

GCS Podcast

20-04-2020 • 17分

The world has 195 countries with thousands of ethnic sub-groups, that bring both challenges and opportunities for evangelism. What key questions should we be asking when considering cross-cultural evangelism?

In the past it was only Christian missionaries going overseas to preach the gospel who had to understand cross-cultural evangelism, but today most of us do not have to go that far to encounter other cultures. While the Christian message does not change, the methodology for evangelism must change from culture to culture in order for the message to be clearly communicated. This raises some important questions. Can we do evangelism without understanding the culture, and what do we need to understand about a person’s cultural background to communicate the Gospel with them in a meaningful and relevant way?

Let’s join Tony as he examines the way cultural background impacts our understanding of the Gospel and shares how we can cut through all manner of cultural and religious barriers.

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