Requirements to Reach the Lost

GCS Podcast

19-04-2020 • 22分

Jesus Christ continues to be the most significant figure in history. We know how he is viewed today, but how was he viewed in his culture. His words and his methods were unlike any others, both then and now. What was it that made him so different? How did he challenge the views and the values around him?

As Jesus taught the tax collectors and sinners gathered around Him, the Pharisees began to mutter to themselves about His open association with those deemed “unclean” according to the Jewish religious code. The parable of the lost sheep was Jesus’ response.

The religious leaders of the day had been indifferent toward people who were lost. Jesus used the parables of the lost sheep and lost coin to illustrate how their response was wrong, especially when compared to how they would have responded toward recovering something of far less value.

Jesus pointed out that the one thing that matters most to God is the lost, and when the lost are found, even one of them, all heaven rejoices and throws a party! There is more joy over one sinner coming to Jesus that over ninety-nine people being right where they’re supposed to be with God. If people matter this much to God, shouldn’t they matter this much to us? Shouldn’t we be willing to give everything needed in order to reach them? What is needed to reach the lost?

Let’s join Tony as he takes a closer look at the way God responds and searches for the lost and examines how we might gain the right perspective on evangelism.

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