A Run on the Roman Road, Part 2

GCS Podcast

09-04-2020 • 20分

In many places the Bible describes the fate of the unsaved in terrible, fearful terms. Yet, when we speak to others about what it means to be a Christian, our tendency is to shy away from mentioning what the Gospel compels us to accept as truth.

Laws protect our general safety and ensure our rights as citizens against abuses. While some laws might give us pause, most people understand and uphold laws, and would have no hesitation speaking about them. Some Christians feel that using the Law in evangelism can be harsh and unloving – but is it right to feel that way? Is there a way to speak to the lost in a friendly way that’s non-intimidating, to reason with people by addressing the conscience, rather than addressing the intellect – a place of contention.

Let's join Tony as he shares the conclusion of his message entitled “A Run on the Roman Road”.

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