Red, Amber, Green

GCS Podcast

12-05-2020 • 24分

One of the most frustrating and discouraging aspects of the Christian life is struggling with sin. While it’s true that we have been filled with the Holy Spirit and sin’s ultimate control over us has been broken, we still often find ourselves doing things we hate, saying things that we know are wrong, and feeling attracted to things that we know are evil. At times, the battle feels overwhelming.

Sin is a reality with which we all must live. No one can escape the struggles we have with rebelling against God’s call on our lives. However, it is possible to choose whether one will vigorously fight the battle against the flesh or not. The battle can be overwhelming, but it does not have to result in demoralising defeat. How can we have victory in overcoming sin?

Let's join Tony as he unpacks three practical strategies, we can use to overcome sin.

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