Decompression after Mission

GCS Podcast

27-06-2020 • 29分

For many Christians returning from mission trips, it can feel hard to settle back into normal life. We’re bursting with stories of redemption and renewal. We’ve witnessed the faith of the persecuted and the joy of the poor. We’re resolved to live generously after encountering sprawling slums and rundown orphan homes. Yet, no matter what we’ve experienced, people at home appear uninterested and just don't seem to get it. After a day or two, we are left feeling exhausted and frustrated. The feeling that life is about to go "back to normal" is depressing.

Depression has a long history of being misunderstood, both by the larger culture and, unfortunately, by the church. For many of us, shame and stigma can cause us to keep our struggles with mental health issues hidden from our friends, our church communities, and even from God himself. How can Christians be clinically depressed? Is there a Biblical explanation for this?

Let's join Tony as he explores four phases everyone goes through after a mission trip and explains how they can grow our maturity and faith.

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