Strength of Conviction

GCS Podcast

16-04-2020 • 14分

Today, there are many who would identify themselves as Christians, yet the Christian life for so many is rooted in convenience rather than Biblical convictions. Convictions are an expression of faith, and Christians often talk about a sense of conviction that grows when God’s word does its work.  But what does it mean to be “convicted” of something?

The Oxford English dictionary defines the word ‘conviction’ as “a firmly held belief or opinion”, something you cling to so strongly that it impacts the way you think and the way you live your life. Someone has put it this way, “a belief is what you hold, but a conviction is what holds you”.

Conviction is an incredibly valuable yet increasingly rare trait that the early Christians appeared to have a lot of. First century Christians had a difficult life, but through conviction and faith they spread the Gospel across the known world. Conviction is a powerful motivator, and it is what is needed today in a world filled with difficult questions and very few answers. But can the conviction of Christians conquer the world again? How can we cultivate a strong Biblical conviction? What kind of process is needed to bring a person to faith in Christ?

Let's join Tony as he shares a powerful testimony that will encourage you to cultivate the habit of anchoring your convictions in the Bible.

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