Funnel Fix Friday - Karin Carr's Evergreen Funnel Turns Every Dollar into $11 pt. 1

The Art of Online Business

20-10-2023 • 23分

Evergreen webinar funnels are a challenge for many online course creators. Designing a high converting landing page and troubleshooting all the other variables to make a funnel profitable with Facebook ads can become overwhelming.

In this episode, we dig into a case study featuring Karin Carr, a successful video marketing course creator and CEO of a 7-figure coaching business. Karin transformed her real estate success using YouTube videos into a thriving online course & coaching empire. Through her journey, she discovered the power of webinars to scale her offers.

We examine Karin's evergreen webinar funnel to understand how it converts at 11x her ad spend! Additionally, we unveil a game-changing metric for webinar success.

For those striving to master their webinar funnel, especially if you're a course creator like Karin, this episode holds the keys to maximizing retention and boosting conversions in the first stages of a funnel. Next week you'll learn about how to improve key metrics in the final stages of a funnel.

In this episode, you'll learn:
• The best practices for designing a high converting opt-in page.
• The power of "on-demand" webinars.

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00:00 - Introduction: Importance of webinar timing choice.
02:30 - Problem of having too many webinar choices.
03:40 - Strategies to optimize the opt-in rate using Karin Carr's landing page.
15:30 - Examining sales conversion and show-up rates.
18:00 - Using ChatGPT in analyzing webinar attendee engagement.
16:45 - Importance of the webinar's sales pitch start time and its effectiveness.

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