America Is Lost Part Two: Raymond's Revenge Episode 13

America Is Lost Part Two: Raymond's Revenge

21-10-2023 • 14分

The first episode of part two begins with a lot of similarity to part one. The listener must keep in mind that the art of writing epic poetry follows a specific formula with presentation of the tale's scope, a hailing of the gods or goddess, and invocation of the muses. If there was any confusion about why these things appear in part one, the explanation is simple. Epic poetry in classical, Greek literary style begins with these three components. Of course, this is a mock epic, so the inclusion of these characteristic components of classical epic poetry is for the purpose of mimicking the real thing while being a mockery of its topic: Joe Biden and his presidency.It might just be that the invocation of the Goddess and the muses actually did invoke them because these poems predicted future events that could only have come to the mind and imagination of the poet by the assistance of a supernatural entity. Get ready for a roller coaster ride because this series is pretty gory with lots of blood and violence. This is not a children's story.

Our special thanks to the musical talents of the following artists:

Spy Suite by Quincas Moreira, Bohemian Beach by Chris Haugen, The Colonel by Zachariah Hickman, Find Me here by Patrick Patrickios, and Dusty Fingers by DJ Williams.