America Is Lost Part Two: Raymond's Revenge

Michael Inacloud

Update: Due to the escalation of war in Israel, the podcast reading series of America is Lost Part Two now has an advanced release schedule beginning on 10/21/2023. The reason for this change will quickly become obvious to listeners who will discover that this poem does, in fact, predict future events.

This is Part Two of the poetry reading podcast America Is Lost created by Michael Inacloud. Combining music with poetry reading has become a new art and is one of many new poetic devices employed by this Avante Garde artist. The story of how Joe Biden's failure as president after succeeding in the 2020 election was originally written in 1984 before the poet ever even knew who Joe Biden was. The second part of this epic poem was completed 1 December 2020 a little more than one month before the capital insurrection event that occurred on 6 January 2021. The poem predicted the event with great specificity, and there are many other predictions within the poem that may not yet have happened while some of them have already happened as the clock ticks on the face of the universe.

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America Is Lost Part Two: Ramond's Revenge, Episode 14
America Is Lost Part Two: Ramond's Revenge, Episode 14
Episode 14 was not my first attempt to try singing the poetry to the music, but it seems to have worked best in this case. The listener should be aware that this poem was written between November 2020 and December 1, 2020. What actually happened on January 6 appears in this poem in many ways. The invocation of the muses occurs in this episode unlike part one where all of the three initial components of epic poetry decorum appear in the first episode. The episode begins with a brief pause in the action to enable the poet's invocation, and a return to the action has no delay.The content of this poem has had only two changes from the original. "Our hero addresses his squad of six," originally said "seven," but that was a mathematical error on my part because Raymond is one and his squad has six members. Thus, the prediction of January 6, 2021 (one and six) repeats in the poem several times in various combinations. The other change from the original was "Kill 'em all without remorse." Originally, it said "stick to the rules of engagement." That line did not make any sense when reading it in connection with the rest of the poem, so it was quickly changed to be more congruent with the tone. Timing with the music was difficult on this one, and it took a lot of rehearsal to get it just right.Thanks to the musical talents of the following: High Head Swells by The Whole Other, Here It Comes by TrackTribe, and Funeral in Sinaloa by Jimena Contreras.
America Is Lost Part Two: Raymond's Revenge, Prologue
America Is Lost Part Two: Raymond's Revenge, Prologue
This is the prologue for Part Two of America Is Lost: Raymond's Revenge. Listeners will be surprised that the poet has changed the style in this part with a more consistent rhyme scheme as a twist to the naturalistic poetic style. Rhyme schemes are so burdensome for a poet, and often the poetry becomes forced to adhere to the scheme. In this case, the poet will use rhyme scheme as long as the rhyme is meaningful. This off and on application of rhyme scheme is a new application of the naturalistic style because the poet has the choice to abandon rhyme at any point in the poem while also employing other poetic characteristics such as metaphor, simile, hyperbole, alliteration, consonance, and assonance among others. It might not be apparent to the listener that there are other more physical characteristics of poetry such as acrostics and meter because these may only be seen in the written text. In any case, the story is a continuation of the original prediction of Joe Biden's failure as president of the United States which actually began as a Democrat party failure for their support of the man who is the beast predicted in the New Testament. January 6, 2021 is also a day that the entire nation will never forget as that one day in history when Democracy died on the steps of congress along with Ashli Babbit who was shot in the chest. She could have survived if someone had known how to do a pneumothorax to restore her breathing from a lung puncture. Ashli Babbit died from suffocation when her lungs collapsed after filling with blood from a gunshot wound. Nobody knows who fired that shot, and nobody ever will.Thanks to the musical talents: Before I Go by RKVC