Healing from SIBO and the Gut-Body Connection with Dr. Ana Rodriguez

The Dr. Kinney Show

11-12-2023 • 37分

The gut truly is like the root from which everything else grows, and if it’s not functioning well, you’re bound to have some negative impacts on your health.

In this episode of The Dr. Kinney Show, I sat down with the latest member of my team, Dr. Ana Rodriguez, to talk about SIBO or small intestine bacterial overgrowth. She’s sharing what it is, the symptoms you might be experiencing, and the treatment options you have if this is what you’re dealing with.

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • What SIBO is and how it can impact your health
  • The symptoms you might be feeling if you’re experiencing SIBO
  • The different treatment pathways you can take to heal from SIBO
  • The importance of motility in your body to heal from this type of intestinal issue
  • The factors that are causing SIBO to be on the rise

If you have SIBO, there are treatments available that can be a huge game-changer in your health. Tune in to learn more!

Show notes available at www.drerinkinney.com/148

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