From “Why Me” to “Oh, Me”: Healing Autoimmune Disorders with Andrea Nakayama

The Dr. Kinney Show

28-08-2023 • 33分

Do you struggle with autoimmune disorders? You’re not alone!

So many of my listeners struggle with autoimmune diseases, so in this episode of The Dr. Kinney Show, I sat down with Andrea Nakayama, a functional nutritionist to have a chat all about autoimmunity. Andrea has a really cool way of looking at the body and she’s going to share some ways that you can adjust and begin to heal your body.

By highlighting the importance of systems biology, root cause methodology, and therapeutic partnerships, Andrea helps historically underserved individuals reclaim ownership of their health.

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • How we can move from “Why me?” to “Oh, me!” when suffering from these types of illnesses
  • Andrea’s unique view on autoimmunity and the “roots” of chronic illness
  • The nitty-gritty of how exactly autoimmune diseases happen
  • How infectious diseases play into autoimmune diseases
  • The mental shift we have to make when working with autoimmune diseases

This episode is packed with value for anyone wondering how to approach treating their autoimmune disorders, so make sure to tune in!

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