The Hidden Impact of Alcohol on Your Physical and Mental Health with Maureen Benkovich

The Dr. Kinney Show

15-01-2024 • 42分

Understanding alcohol and how it impacts your body can be confusing. I get a lot of questions about it from my patients, so I’m thrilled to be chatting with Maureen Benkovich, the Sober Fit Chick.

Maureen is here to discuss the truth about alcohol consumption that many people don’t know.  She shares how it impacts all aspects of your physical and mental health and the steps you can take if you are interested in a sober lifestyle.

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • Why alcohol can be like pouring gasoline on your anxiety and depression
  • How you can change your mindset around alcohol
  • How alcohol impacts every system in your body
  • How your body handles the toxins that you consume with alcohol
  • The difference between physical and psychological addiction to alcohol

Tune in to hear my conversation with Maureen and learn what you really need to know about alcohol.

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