1: Episode 1: Colby Colb

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03-03-2021 • 1時間 52分

Before he was VP/Programming for Radio One, Colby Colb was a kid who loved listening to the radio.  He caught the "radio bug" when he was invited to the station by one of his favorite personalities, then got an internship and eventually a job in radio.  In this episode we cover:

- the early days in Philly
- doing Morning Drive with Wendy
- the infamous Foxy Brown beef
- beating Wendy in New York
- the transition from the studio to the corporate office
- the importance of a talent's social media
- the realm of content creation
- favorite air shift
- most memorable interview

Whether you're in radio, are interested in getting into radio, or ever listened to the radio then this podcast is for YOU!

They shaped the stories coming thru the speakers. Now it's time to hear their story.

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