2: Episode 2: Terri Thomas

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09-04-2021 • 2時間 2分

This month we spoke with Boston bred Houston fed Terri Thomas, Operations Manager for Radio One Houston including the legendary 97.9 The Box.  In this episode we discuss:

- her passion outside of radio
- when she discovered love of music and radio
- her journey from Boston to the South to the Midwest to H-Town
- having to work a 2nd job in the early days
- the best advice she's ever gotten
- the top 5 songs in the story of Terri Thomas' life
- Plus the #1 rule when you ask for advice or feedback.

Terri Thomas is saving up #FreeGame  Sit back, relax and soak it up.

Whether you're in radio, are interested in getting into radio, or ever listened to the radio then this podcast is for YOU!

They shaped the stories coming thru the speakers. Now it's time to hear their story.

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