Angels sweep streaky Jays, the Ohtani experience & 1992 Jays World Series Anniversary

Spin Rate: A show about the Toronto Blue Jays

29-08-2022 • 52分

Drew & Kaitlyn have a lot to talk about from the weekend with the Angels and Shohei Ohtani in town. The Angels swept the Jays and the up and down rollercoaster season continues. They talk about the team's lack of homers lately and how they need to be more consistent hitting them. They talk about how amazing the Ohtani experience is to witness in person. And they talk about the 30 year anniversary celebration for the 1992 World Series Champion Bluejays. -Follow Drew on Twitter: @DrewGROF -Follow Kaitlyn on Twitter: @kaitlyncmcgrath Learn more about your ad choices. Visit