Season 2 - The Voice, the Revolution, & the Key - Chapter 46

The Epic Order of the Seven - The Podcast

15-02-2022 • 36分

Huzzah! Episode 100! Young Gilbert - the Marquis de Lafayette - is not ready for war at the tender age of eight - but a smelly stranger taunts him about gaining glory by defeating a frightening beast! You can help ensure this podcast continues to bless future listeners – please consider supporting Playful World Ministries and this podcast through:

The Order of the Seven animal team helps birth one nation under God by entering the lives of a unique generation of children chosen to become the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.

Each episode is hosted by Max, Liz and Nigel – and includes a selection from the audiobook, “The Voice, the Revolution, & the Key!”

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This episode features:

- 1:18 - Announcer Lad says this episode is special - but doesn’t reveal why - he just leaves!

- 4:32 - Announcer Lad returns - only to find Max Liz and Nigel have left!

- 4:49 - The Voice, the Revolution, & the Key - Chapter 46 - “The Beast of Ge´vaudan” - Part 1.

- 20:25 - Miss Jenny helps show you how you can be a part of this production!

- 21:53 - The Voice, the Revolution, & the Key - Chapter 46 - “The Beast of Ge´vaudan” - Part 2 .

- 29:17 - Miss Jenny and the gang discover four cakes have been ordered to celebrate… something having to do with the number 100!

- 32:02 - Miss Jenny brags on our Announcer Lad in light of producing 100 Episodes!

- 32:45 - the Singing Baker Brothers treat us to a song to go with our cake! It’s our 100th Episode! (and you’re probably already saying, “well duh!”). Sing along:

“One Hundred Epic Episodes”

Congratulations …on your big day

One hundred Epic episodes have come our way

First Max and Liz in Season One helped us relive the Ark

Then Nigel added his own squeak - to their meow and bark - woof-woof

With Author Lass Extraordinaire, a lady we call Jenny

And Monsieur Announcer Lad whose name is one of many.

Benny? Lenny? Kenny? Penny?

We just can’t pick ‘cuz- there’s so many!

Can it really be one hundred weeks? It sure did go by fast!

Now let’s go do a million more - ‘cuz we’re havin’ a blast

With the Epic Order of the Seven… The Podcast!  Whoo-hoo!!!