Investing in Deeptech Space Startups - The New Frontier, with Jenna Bryant, Co-Founder & CEO, Embedded Ventures

InvestHer Podcast

21-05-2023 • 41分

Great VCs and fund managers can come from anyway and Jenna Bryant, a true force of nature is living proof of that. Together with her co-founder Jordan Noone, both from non-traditional backgrounds, they created Embedded Ventures as a next generation VC firm investing in early -stage startups in deeptech and space, that can serve the U.S. Department of Defense. With a degree in fashion design and a passion for dance, she started her career as a tech recruiter, blazing a trail in emerging tech startups, before becoming a venture capitalist and in turn co-founding Embedded Ventures. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a truly wild ride into deeptech and space tech investing, learn more about Embedded Ventures and who they invest in and get key insights into space tech funding as well as practical key tips for women founders and those who want to get into VC. Ready for Lift Off? You're in the right place!  Have a listen and get all the resources in the show notes here: