Nothing More Annoying

Luke Marsh

A new episode every Thursday to talk about the worlds most annoying things...but more specifically, the really insignificant things that shouldn't bother us when we think about it - But, even though they are small, something as simple as a pigeon giving you a sarcastic look can drive you crazy! What do you find annoying that you think you shouldn't, or something you feel like you’re the only one, let me know on my twitter account @annoyingpodcast or on Instagram at @annoying_podcast read less
#12 - People with a pre-determined opinion of you
#12 - People with a pre-determined opinion of you
GUEST HOST: Greg comes to us this time talking all things Pro-Wrestling. But it isn't wrestling that he finds annoying, no its those who just don't understand it or his love for it. So even though it might be a bit more lighthearted, there is a deeper context here about those kinds of people who just pre-judge people based on likes they do not understand. Therefore, there isn't anyone more annoying than those kinds of people that just hate without substance towards you. So for me, a complete newcomer to the wrestling scene, this is really interesting to hear all about.   Additionally, if you are new to wrestling and you want to give the "Introduction to wrestling fight" mentioned in this weeks show a watch, then below is the one to watch  Katsuyori Shibata vs Tomohiro Ishii – NJPW: G1 Climax 23 – Night 4 - August 4th, 2013 - Greg is a host of two main shows the social media handles you can find below:  The Bearhug Club Podcast  The Bearhug Club Podcast - Facebook & YouTube  bearhugclubpod - Instagram  Bear Hug Club - Twitter  Young Men Yell At Clouds Young Men Yell At Clouds – Facebook & YouTube & Instagram & Twitter and as always you can get in touch via social media... or via email   Twitter: @AnnoyingPodcast   Instagram: @Annoying_Podcast   Email: --- Send in a voice message: