E36 Sheyann Straub - Honeysuckle and Cigarettes

Navigating Normal

18-04-2023 • 1時間

Sheyann Straub is a photographer, former school teacher, wife, daughter, mother, Midwesterner, and self published author among other things.  In her book Honeysuckle and Cigarettes: Confronting Family Secrets so my Daughter Doesn't Have to, Sheyann shares her own journey in confronting family secrets and surviving small town life after her mother goes to prison for an inappropriate relationship with a minor.  Her story is eloquently written and breathes nothing but the truth out into the open.  She also has a really wonderful newsletter titled The Little Things which is also captivatingly written.

Sheyann's Book:
Honeysuckle & Cigarettes: Confronting Family Secrets So My Daughter Doesn’t Have To
Sheyann's newsletter:
The Little Things

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Music courtesy of Chris Butler.

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