#97-The Canman Show-"The Gauntlet!"

The Canman Show

04-08-2010 • 1時間 49分

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  • Dan Alpers
  • Corey Jordan
  • Chad "Canman" Canfield

We Discussed:

  • The Canfield Family Cruise on Royal Caribbean's "Freedom of the Seas".
  • If you are ever in Grand Cayman, John Michael Stafford Captain's an Adventure tour you have to check out!
  • Swimming with Dolphins.
  • Ocho Rios = Crap hole.
  • Adam Ace is hilarious!
  • Steve (Red Dog) is an international celebrity!
  • Steve's new watch... "The Gauntlet!" Err Canman's new watch. Corey says it's more of a "Bracer" but who's counting?
  • Any travel agencies or cruise lines want to sponsor a "Canman Show Cruise"?
  • Anyone interested in going on a cruise with us next year? Contact us ASAP!
  • Corey tells us about "How it should have ended .com"
  • "Dead Until Dark" and True Blood.
  • HBO series in general. The shows are often killed WAY too soon.
  • How do we qualify for our "Man Cards"?
  • Canman shares his love for "The Good Guys".
  • Our love for "Good Eats".
  • Drew Cary looses 80 lbs! Holy cow.
  • Frank Darabont movies.
  • Canman is a "Sucky Fighter".
  • Dan's wishful Facial Hair.
  • The Avengers Movie.
  • 2 New Zach Snyder Movies are coming.
  • Some Star Wars talk.
  • Much, Much, More....