Series 3, Episode 3 – This Woman Called Diane (with Jon McClure)


20-09-2021 • 1時間 42分

Stick on your best pair of jeans, have a bevvie and get your rocks off to this banger of an episode as Sachin is joined by Reverend and the Makers frontman, Jon McClure, for a chat about Sheffield Wednesday.

What a band Reverend and the Makers are and what a musician Jon is – a high-energy performer who has written some of the best British tunes of the past 20 years, including Heavyweight Champion of the World, Open Your Window and Sex with the Ex. He’s got it all and gives it his all as he discusses his beloved Wednesday.

It started for Jon at the start of what was a glorious time for the club – the 1990s. Those trips to Wembley when Wednesday beat Manchester United to win the 1991 Rumbelows Cup and then, two years later, beat Sheffield United to secure a place in the FA Cup final; Jon remembers them well and, in the case of the latter, how it involved him heading south with a couple of random chaperones.

He wouldn’t have changed that experience for the world, nor the joy of watching Chris Waddle play for Wednesday, a player of incredible skill and imagination who has gone onto become a close friend. Jon’s love for Waddle is as sweet as it is captivating.

On a sombre note, Jon also talks about Hillsborough and what took place there in April 1989. There is no hiding the sadness and regret Jon feels about one of the darkest chapters in British football history and how it continues to haunt the ground to this day.

There’s also a discussion about Paolo Di Canio and THAT push, as well as about the importance of Wednesday to Jon’s relationship with his brother, Chris. Before all of that there’s also a funny story involving a Carlos Tevez billboard.

Finally, Jon talks though his all-time Sheffield Wednesday XI before ending the episode with a brutal takedown of Danny Wilson.

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