S2E23 Sustainable and Smart Living

The Healing List Podcast

21-12-2021 • 57分

As a Hawaii-based real estate expert, Christina Laney Mitre knows that the real estate industry can help people find success. After all, secure housing leads to stability and happiness. Thanks to this, she dedicates her career to ensuring that she can house as many people as possible. She works for Smart Living Hawaii, is a sales manager for Hawaiian affordable housing projects, has launched a non-profit based on sustainable awareness, sits on the board of directors for Catholic Charities of Hawaii and so much more.

This episode discovers how Laney Mitre has succeeded through building trusting relationships, how the real estate industry can perpetuate wellness, how she balances so many responsibilities and much more. She also gives some advice specifically to busy moms like her.

The great thing about Laney Mitre’s advice is that while it’s undoubtedly inspired by Hawaiian culture, it applies to anyone who is interested in converting business activities into something that helps those less fortunate.