Loren Cellentani Wants You to Manifest Your Best Self For Yourself

The Healthier Tech Podcast

20-12-2022 • 38分

For today’s episode, Loren joins us as we tackle the topic of anxiety. We talk about the expectations placed on us from society, from our family, and from ourselves, and how the stress of these expectations can manifest in our bodies as anxiety and can lead us away from our own, true, personal goals and desires. Most of our lives are run on autopilot by our subconscious mind, while most of the autopilot programming is done in childhood. We explore the idea of reprogramming our subconscious through small, intentional changes in our daily habits, and how this leads to higher mindfulness and awareness of self.

Loren shares with us the ins and outs of her Manifesting Me program for ambitious women, with which she aims to help empower women to build awareness around their habits and emotions, build trust in their thoughts and emotions, and get down to what they truly want for their lives. We also talk about how technology has impacted our ability to grow and change, such as improving the accessibility of tools for growth and change, and the opposite side of that coin where we can get lost in the vast amount of information and easily get sucked into the online void.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The prevalence of anxiety in our society, particularly for women
  • Panic attacks, and anxiety in general, as a message from our bodies
  • Rewiring our subconscious autopilot to facilitate awareness and mindfulness
  • Becoming an observer of your own thoughts and emotions
  • Loren’s Manifesting Me program for ambitious women
  • How technology has improved the accessibility of tools for growth and change
  • Loren’s call to action to start yourself on this journey of growth, love, and trust

Loren Cellentani spent a good portion of her life feeling like her body & emotions were sabotaging any chance at a happy successful life. From crippling anxiety, chronic digestive distress, migraines and in the middle of a divorce, Loren knew something had to change! After many years of trying all the superfoods, techniques and meditations, Loren cracked the code to turn energy draining anxiety into focused confident action that helped her not only find peace of mind but also manifest her dream life.

Now, Loren is a Manifestation Coach who helps ambitious women harness the power of their emotions to manifest their dreams with passion and purpose. You hear the calling of your soul to shine more, but what’s keeping you from living that reality? It's time to step outside your head and into your true potential!

Connect with Loren:

Website: lorencellentani.com

Witchy Wellness Podcast: lorencellentani.com/podcast

Anxious Personality Type Quiz: lorencellentani.com/quiz

Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCvBOKqhW_A-Ce6CjLgWCqSw

Email: loren@lorencellentani.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/loren-cellentani-5648652a

Instagram: instagram.com/lorencellentani

Facebook: facebook.com/LorenCellentani

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