Interview with Michelle Masters

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26-05-2021 • 1時間 1分

This was one of those interviews that was completely unexpected but the content is by far, the most important for whoever tunes in, to date.

Michelle Masters is an NLP practitioner but she is also so much more than that and you'll understand why when you listen to the interview.

We talked about:

- What she likes to do for fun

- What dimensional travel is

- The Council that Michelle belongs to, what it's about, her role in it, and how it all works

- What's REALLY going on in the world right now

- The different roles that humans are playing

- The reason the pandemic came to be

- What the virus thrives on

- Our planet is getting an update - what that means

- How love is a state of consciousness and not just a feeling

- What Michelle discovered about money when she first started her money focused NLP course

- Neurology vs Consciousness

- What has been Michelle's work to date

- How the attitudes have changed over the years towards NLP and why

- What mind blowing thing happened at one of Michelles workshops that literally blew everyone away

- Time and how Michelle is experiencing it of late

- How our belief systems work and how we can go about making changes to them

- Michelle's advice if you're feeling lost right now

From the get-go, this interview had my chest opening up and there was a warmth in my heart, knowing that the information I was receiving from Michelle was important.

I really hope you tune in and receive it with an open mind and heart and allow it to sink in.

Our planet is headed in a new direction and you can either go along with it, enjoying it as much as humanly possible or you can fight it and be more lost than ever.

I hope you get as much as I did from this interview.

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