An Unorthodox Stress Response? Triumph over Threats with Self-Hypnosis

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23-08-2023 • 2分

Is it a Challenge or a Threat? [Self Hypnotic Journey Below]

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Bringing you an intriguing analogy from"The Stress Prescription"

👉🏻 positive vs negative stress response


🦌 Picture this:

A lion hunting a gazelle.

Both animals are under stress, but their responses differ greatly.

The gazelle experiences a threat response, filled with fear and adrenaline.

Blood vessels narrow, reducing oxygen flow to the brain.

🦁 On the other hand, the lion exhibits a challenge response.

Its heart pumps blood efficiently, fueling maximum speed and an intense focus on the upcoming meal.

The lion possesses seemingly boundless reserves of energy

✨ So, what??

This is the power of a REFRAME.

Our stress response can be influenced by how we perceive and frame the situation.

Viewing stress as a challenge rather than a threat can transform our experience.

💡 When we embrace stress as a challenge, we tap into our inner strength and determination.

It becomes an opportunity for growth, pushing us to surpass our limits and achieve great things.

🔑 Research proves that stress is variable and is not inherently negative.

It's how we choose to perceive and respond to it that makes all the difference.

May we both embrace the lion's perspective, rise to the challenge, and unlock that personal door to our limitless potential.

Get out and ROAR.

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