The Raw Truth Between Holistic, Vibrational Skin Care Compared to Conventional Products

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03-05-2022 • 29分

There is no doubt, that the clean beauty movement is on the rise.

Consumers walk the halls of mainstream beauty stores and have a myriad of options of “natural skincare.”
As a 15-year product formulator of Evoq Beauty Skincare, it goes without saying that I’m passionate about raising the standards of beauty, and putting my clients and consumers health back in their hands with a line and devotional practice that puts your health in your hands, heart and of course -face!

Attempting to talk about skincare without first acknowledging if you come from a holistic or mainstream school of thought is very similar to an attempt at having a constructive discussion about health without recognizing both germ and terrain theories.
The existing theories are by nature at odds with each other and then we may proceed to carry on a respectful discussion.
My intention is to provide a clear and straightforward description of both holistic and mainstream approaches to skincare and to demonstrate the impact each has on the health of the skin, our psyche and general wellbeing.

The mainstream approach seeks fast, surface-focused results. In my opinion it treats the skin very much like aspirin treats a headache: without much thought given to why the headache was there in the first place. There is not much depth in the approach as it relates to physical or mental aspects of skin health. As an example, acne can have a variety of systemic causes from hormonal imbalances, and stress, to digestive issues. The mainstream approach insists on using invasive, skin function-suppressing treatments and products as if they were able to bypass the need for addressing the root causes of the internal dysfunction which is merely presenting itself through the skin.

The sole focus on treating the surface gives way to developing a dependency on the products and treatments as the only solution. It prevents an individual from looking deeper and developing a more meaningful relationship with their body and their wellbeing. I would go as far as to say that a very limited level of consciousness is required for this type of engagement with the self. Since the actual cause of the problem is never addressed and will keep recurring, one is stuck on the path of the never-ending search for an effective topical solution.

Evoq’s standards are 100% holistic.

Our skincare is driven by the principle of wholeness; that every cell, every part of us is interconnected and that we are intimately connected to our environment.

This principle is also applied by many who practice various disciplines of natural medicine.
Rather than treating just the physical symptoms of the disease, I take into account the whole person: their mental state, their lifestyle, the environment which they live in, even the cycles of nature and their effects on one’s health. All of these aspects (and more) can affect the health and appearance of your skin.

Everything comes down to vibration, vitality and longevity.

Tap in and feel the resonance of this rich “this for that” reminder episode, bringing you back to wholeness and self-love at every level.

Thank you for supporting for so many years - sending you love and light. You have always had my devotion.
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