Shedding Shadows of Rejection | A Healing Hypnotic Journey

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26-10-2023 • 19分

Do you have a critical inner voice?

I speak a lot about this topic (neuroscientists call this a critical Default Mode Network) and how it pertains to our unconscious contracts hidden from our awareness (lack of).

The circuits of emotion are well at work when we experience SHAME and REJECTION.

How?  I'll keep it simple in the understanding how the brain takes us OFF-LINE, unable to process the emotion.

The left brain focuses on tasks and productivity, checking off to-do lists.

The right brain prioritizes relationships and connection, seeking how to contribute and belong within complex social systems.

Understanding the differences lies in body awareness - the right brain decodes emotions through the body's responses.

This is how we experience meaning.

The right brain's integrated body map allows it to attribute emotion words and understand deep longings driving feelings.

Initially, the left brain sees emotions as interruptions getting in the way of tasks.

It isn't aware of emotions' gifts for accomplishing what it is you DESIRE.

This is where bypassing the consious mind becomes handy via the gift of this Neuro-Nature Hypnotic Guided Visualization

[ Self Hypnosis]

Just about EVERYONE that is a "HIGH ACHIEVER" struggle with self-critic and tyrant in our heads that tells us we are terrible, worthless, unlovable when a trigger arises.

Making it worse - when you have a trusted community "reject you."

It happen to me this week, and instead of beating myself up for sharing my HONEST TRUTH, I create a healing hypnotic journey to stand OUTSIDE OF TIME and space and - see all perspectives in a neutral place.

Only then, can we hold judgement and forgiveness at the same time.

The world is seeing a mass SPLIT in realities and vibrations of these realities.To tap into the frequency, drop into your own past or recent feelings of shame and guilt, shine a light with this HYPNOTIC METAPHORICAL JOURNEY, and rise to the tippy-top.

PS: Remember, you're beloved.

Newness is upon us and you are the epicenter of experiences, paradigms, and resources to help you move through the shame wall that keeps you arrested in victimhood, and into the lived experience of personal responsibility and the power of choice.

Blue Skies, Kassandra

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