A Spiritual Economic Movement Disclosure, Declassification and Ending Deep State Hypocrisy

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28-11-2023 • 16分


I’m going to get straight to the point.

You, I and the world is going through the 5-phases of grief.

It’s a beautiful time where the light is piercing darkness and Pluto is in transition which means it’s breaking through and bringing about the birth the Aquarian age (light, abundance, true nature and higher states of consciousness).

The transition requires us to be our most compassionate, loving, best friend.

With the right support, community and grander view…is a beginning to your transition.

Here’s the lower dimensions we’re transitioning out of:

Our brain's negativity and drama biases orient us towards alarming news, rewarding media organizations with our attention and compliance.

They monetize this, leaving us constantly influenced by manipulative stories.

Like a virus, these narratives spread through social networks, threatening relationships if we dissent.

As a intuitive and hypnotherapist, my mission is to help people understand beliefs - better, and the old contracts that are hidden in the holographic body.

As I share my RAW emotive audio, agreeing with me is not the goal.

It’s my personal lens as I explain why we believe what we do so we can reconsider beliefs harming us.

If I have one role, it's believing better ourselves while guiding others respectfully.

These polarized "Economic and Spiritual Wars" will only make the world feel worse.

Understanding our own trauma, future desires and level of thinking is key to opening minds without conflict.

Small improvements by understanding rather than reaction.


Change is always met with resistance, but it’s essential to understand that this isn’t just any change. It’s a metamorphosis.

And as society transitions, it promises to emerge stronger, rejuvenated by the new financial system known as the QFS.

Knowledge is Power.

Navigating the complexities of this financial revolution requires more than just passive observation.

As the strings of global finance play their tune, it’s crucial to remain grounded.

The landscape is changing, rules are being redefined, and amidst this upheaval, one weapon remains critical – knowledge.

So, as the curtain rises on this grand spectacle, dive deep, question, investigate, and understand.

For me, my spiritual connection with Source as a woman is pivoting the energy from the out-of-balanced patriarchal focus into a greater sacred union or divine wholeness.

I invite you to do the same, in your way.

Embrace the future, for the quantum era isn’t on the horizon.

It’s already here.

Stay connected to your heart.

Tips that may help you.

1. Reduce your news consumption. It's hard to stop completely, but minimize how much polarized coverage you immerse yourself in.

2. Get multiple perspectives by viewing issues across different news channels to think more critically.

3. Find what you have in common with both sides of an issue and what you disagree with from both sides. Understand different perspectives without announcing your views.

4. Be responsible when sharing information on social media. Avoid propagating bias and making divisions worse.

5. Become comfortable with uncertainty rather than feeling you need concrete answers on complex issues.

6. Focus on improving your own life and community rather than issues you can't control.

7. Stop dividing people into groups and see them as individuals with membership in multiple groups.

8. Avoid falling into the trap of social commentary when you haven't fact-checked sources on a topic.

9. Look for ways to bring people together rather than tear them apart with what you type or share online.

10. Champion causes you're passionate about through peaceful means like protest or donation if possible.

11 is a magical number, so I save the last to highlight the vibration behind two types of heightened senses.


Focused attention to your dreams so you can hear, feel and see SPIRIT.


Thank you for BEING YOU.

Hit Reply.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how this impacted your mind + heart.

♥️ Kassandra

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