Overcoming Wounds from the Past: The Eagle and Child

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05-12-2023 • 17分


Seeing with the Eyes of Our Hearts

We've all heard stories meant to challenge our current perspectives and wake us up to greater truths.

One ancient African tale that does just this is "The Story of the Eagle and the Child".

On the surface, it depicts a mother finding her infant soothed by an eagle in the garden. Fearing for its safety, she alerts the father - who reflexively shoots and kills the child with his arrows upon seeing the scene. What unfolds next is even more startling.

What if the eagle represents spirit, that indwelling genius in each soul meant to guide and settle us?

And the arrows symbolize the wounds inflicted by indifference, rejection or control of this spiritual nature. Seen this way, we discover familial patterns in need of healing.

More than that, the story hints that reconnecting to our essence lies beyond surface perceptions. It calls us to nurture imagination - to see with the "eyes of our hearts".

Only then can we grasp insights of a higher order and divine hidden connections all around.

True understanding arises when we embrace metaphors and walk the middle path between surface and depth.

This allows life's mysteries to reveal themselves and our innate gifts to shine through.

The eagle and child remind us that we all have wings awaiting the opportunity to lift and soothe in our own unique way.

[1:30] The Story of the Eagle and the Child

[5:00] Looking Beyond the Surface with Metaphor and Imagination

[8:00] Understanding Symbols on Deeper Levels

[10:30] Making the Invisible Visible

[13:00] Imagination as a Tool for Insight

[15:30] Applying Principles to Your Own Life

[18:00] Exercise: Exploring a Personal Symbol

[21:00] Conclusion

Episode 2: Parenting from a Place of Wisdom

[0:00] Introduction

[2:30] Nourishing a Child's Spiritual Nature

[5:00] Seeing the Whole Child

[7:30] Guiding While Allowing Freedom

[10:00] Being a Safe Harbor vs. Imposing Controls

[13:00] Addressing Fears While Cultivating Curiosity

[15:30] Exercise: Reflecting on Your Own Upbringing

[18:00] Cultivating Understanding in All Relationships

[20:30] Conclusion

Episode 3: The Eagle and the Child

[0:00] Introduction

[2:00] Symbolically Exploring the Story

[5:30] Identifying With the Child Archetype

[8:00] Overcoming Wounds of Rejection

[10:30] Locating Arrows of Indifference

[13:00] Hearing Guidance Amidst Hardship

[15:30] Exercise: Inner Reflections

[18:00] Reconnecting to Your Essence

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