Ep. 136: 3 Myths About Money

BEYOND: The Podcast for Moms Called to Business

30-03-2021 • 27分

Today we're diving into a topic we've never discussed yet on the podcast - money. For moms called to building businesses and careers while raising kids, money is a topic we think a lot about, but don't always talk a lot about. Usually, at least part of our desire to grow a career or business is tied to wanting to create more income for our family. But this desire can be conflicted with feelings of guilt or shame when we make that desire to earn income mean something about ourselves that doesn't sit well with us. Our thoughts about money matter. They drive our financial decisions, our thoughts about what is or isn't possible for our lives, our feelings about our value and worth, and more. In this episode, we're talking about 3 myths about money I see working moms believing that are holding us back in our lives.

In this episode I talk about:

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