How to Save the Planet with Gaia Vince

Lives of Tomorrow

01-09-2023 • 25分

The climate crisis is an existential threat unlike any we have ever faced, but can its consequences also be its solutions? In this episode of Lives of Tomorrow, award-winning science and environment writer Gaia Vince joins WGSN CEO Carla Buzasi to talk about climate change, and climate solutions.

Gaia left a career in journalism to undertake a first-hand investigation of climate change, and in particular its impact on poor and indigenous communities around the world. Her experience has informed a series of books, her latest being Nomad Century: How to Survive the Climate Upheaval, which explores how we can plan for and manage climate migration, and how we can restore the planet to a habitable state. The Financial Times called it “a future atlas of human geography, showing where will be habitable and for how many”.

Carla and Gaia discuss how climate-related migration could help solve some of its impacts, and the concept of ‘just transition’ – moving to a more sustainable economy in a way that is fair for everyone. Gaia also shares her predictions for the future, and explains why it’s critical to act now and have a vision for our future cities, so that infrastructure is in place for our fast-evolving world.