What Makes a Manager – And Do We Still Need Them?

Lives of Tomorrow

10-11-2023 • 26分

Do we respond best to managers or leaders, and what is the difference?

CEO of WGSN, Carla Buzasi, talks about the future of management with Sarah Moore, UK head of workforce at PwC – one of the Big Four accounting firms. Sarah explains what it means to be a manager, the fine line between leading and managing, plus what the future holds for management.In this episode, Carla and Sarah broach a number of topics, including the approach to hiring managers and different manager styles; for example, micro versus macro. Sarah talks about her work with hybrid employees, creating connections in the workplace, and reflects on some of the challenges and positives of evolving working environments.Carla picks Sarah’s brain about placing value on non-management roles and how you can still climb the career ladder without going for managerial positions.

Sarah goes into detail about different generations’ approaches to management, a shift in attitudes towards career progression, and work-life balance.

Plus, find out how Sarah went from am-dram to leading hundreds of colleagues at PwC, one of the leading firms in the country.