Special Guest Josh Bender From Deadlite and Returning Guest Bryan Mersol

Our Paranormal Podcast

20-08-2020 • 1時間 59分

Last week Bryan Mersol was one of our special guests. On that episode we learned that Bryan a highly experienced investigator; has never heard of Deadlite. Deadlite is one of, if not the the best illuminator available in the paranormal field. This week Host Shawn Gilmore is having Josh Bender the creator, builder and owner of Deadlite LLC on along with Bryan Mersol. Shawn has just received his order for his new Demon light and a new camera that was modified by Josh's teammate and colleague; Justin Brown, to work with IR lighting. We will discuss the entire illuminator line and services. You do not want to miss this show. Shawn is great friends with both guests and we never know what may up and what rabit holes they may go down. Dont miss this weeks show live on RU MEDIANETWORK LLC Facebook page, YouTube Channel and live on Spreaker as well. At 8:00 Pm Eastern. You can chat and interact live on all 3 outlets!