734: Relax, It's All Part of the Plan (Farscape S2E19-20)


22-06-2022 • 54分

Eric and Jason review the first two parts of Farscape’s second ever three part storyline, “Liars, Guns and Money”. And during all that, wander off on tangents about Star Wars, the A-Team and past episodes of this here podcast. First up, “Part 1 - A Not So Simple Plan”. Which is pretty much as advertised. Stark (hey, isn’t he dead?) has a not so simple plan to steal enough money to buy D’Argo’s son Jothee from the slavers holding him captive. With such a complicated plan, it goes off without any issues at all. No… who are we kidding? Of course not. The crew must deal with a heavily secured depository, its leader, and our old buddy Scorpius to get what they need. Finally, “Part 2 - With Friends Like These…”. After learning that all their efforts last time weren’t quite good enough, this time it’s Crichton who comes up with his own somewhat simpler plan to free Jothee. But it involves recruiting several people we met in season one who they didn’t leave on the best of terms with. It goes better than you’d expect, but there’s yet another complication that might make their hard work all for naught. And Crichton has to make a hard choice…

Eric Scott and Jason Johnson.