731: How to Get a Head in Politics (Farscape S2E13-14)


30-03-2022 • 56分

We conclude the amazing three part “Look at the Princess” trilogy and then talk about a not-so-amazing story. First up, the exciting conclusion of the trilogy, “Look at the Princess, Part 3: The Maltese Crichton”. They manage to wrap up all the plotlines from the last two episodes in a very satisfying way. And start up a new plotline that will run for many more episodes. Everyone gets a happy ending. Well… almost. Finally, “Beware of Dog” gets a mixed review from both of us. We felt the main plot was a rehash of a couple of different season one episodes. However, we really loved the subplot about Crichton’s continuing interaction with visions of Scorpius that are becoming more and more frequent and intense.

Eric Scott and Jason Johnson.