Meeting America's Life Coach, Stephen Lovegrove

Behind The Spotlight

19-01-2021 • 54分

Beth is joined by America’s Life Coach, Stephen Lovegrove. From working with billionaires, Hollywood stars, and hundreds of international clients, Stephen Lovegrove continues to be the fastest growing name in the personal development arena. Before becoming a multi-awarded life coach Stephen started out in ministry school and was training to become a pastor. During this process, he met a life coach in New York City—the first one he’d ever met—and then realized it was helping him move forward faster and further than his other efforts to heal. That experience also gave him the idea that maybe this is something he had potential to do too, as he always wanted to do healing work in the world. Eventually, this newfound career became his outlet for empowering people and helping them make their dreams come true.

Stephen & Beth discuss:

  • How he helps people get what they want from the inside out
  • How he began his life-coaching journey
  • Why you can only take clients as deep as you’ve gone yourself as a coach
  • Education & experience when it comes to coaching
  • Messy massive action
  • How self-commitment can catapult you forward in your goals
  • Gaining local and national notoriety
  • Why ALL parts of you matter (including the things that make you angry, frustrated, etc.)
  • Unconditional love
  • Your energy in relation to your success

Today, Stephen is an exclusive coach for a network of billionaires and celebrities, leads a done-for-you spiritual support service for the elite, and has co-founded a spiritual community nonprofit in Nashville called Imaginarium. He is the author of an international bestseller and the host of his own show, “Change the World”. Aside from personally working with leaders, entrepreneurs, and celebrities, Stephen also supports various campaigns and charities for human rights, hurricane relief, youth empowerment, criminal justice reform, clean water, and spiritual work.

How to Find Yourself, Love Yourself, & Be Yourself: The Secret Instruction Manual for Being Human by Stephen Lovegrove

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