Dissecting The Most Successful Google Strategy From The #1 SEO Expert In The World, Greg Gifford

Against All Odds Radio Show

04-12-2021 • 59分

This week on the Against All Odds Radio Show, hosts Sean V. Bradley, CSP and L.A. Williams discuss the importance of visibility.  No matter how talented or how pretty you are, or how good your widget or product is, it doesn’t matter if nobody knows that you exist.  You need to be found.  You need visibility to create opportunities.

Joining Sean and L.A. is one of the greatest search optimizers in the world, Greg Gifford.  Greg is the Vice President of Search at SearchLab Digital, an experienced, results driven search engine optimization and marketing agency.  They discuss the importance of not only being found, but also your search placement.  This importance has drastically increased since COVID-19, as everyone is doing their research online.  Greg shares the tips, tricks, and secrets to make sure you are found online, especially on Google.

About Greg Gifford
Greg Gifford is SearchLab’s Vice President of Search.  As an experienced local SEO consultant specializing in the automotive industry, and is an experienced conference speaker.  He’s one of the most popular speakers in the SEO industry and presents all over the world on topics related to Local SEO.  There’s hardly anything at SearchLab that he isn’t involved in. Greg Gifford helps to steer the SEO process, oversees all SearchLab marketing efforts, and helps to promote SearchLab at conferences, on industry publications and training videos.

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