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Welcome to PATC Podcast, hosted by Mark Waterfill and David Broadway. Join us as we explore a wide range of topics related to law enforcement and public safety.

Each episode features in-depth interviews with experts in the field, who also happen to be instructors for PATC courses across the country. You'll hear from these instructors who'll share their experiences and insights on what it takes to keep our communities safe. Plus, they'll give you a sample of what they teach in each of their classes.

Whether you're a seasoned law enforcement professional or just interested in learning more about the field, PATC Podcast has something for everyone. So join us for engaging conversations and valuable insights that you won't find anywhere else.

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Episode 21 feat. Silouan Green
Episode 21 feat. Silouan Green
Join us for a powerful episode of PATC Podcast, featuring a special guest who sheds light on an important topic in public safety. We are honored to welcome Silouan Green, an expert in addressing PTSD among public safety officials.In this episode, Silouan delves into the challenges faced by public safety officials in dealing with PTSD after traumatic events. He shares insights on how leaders can effectively support and manage employees who experience PTSD, as well as strategies to implement within agencies to handle individuals in crisis and prepare those who may face similar situations.Silouan's expertise and experience provide a unique perspective on this critical issue. If you're a public safety official or a leader in the field, this episode is a must-listen as it offers practical guidance on how to create a supportive environment for those affected by PTSD.Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn directly from the insightful expert, Silouan Green! In addition to his podcast appearance, Silouan has a schedule of upcoming classes across the country that you won't want to miss. Visit to explore his upcoming classes and expand your knowledge in the field. Take a proactive step towards enhancing your understanding of PTSD, crisis management, and supporting those in need within your agency. Don't wait, secure your spot today and learn from the best in the business! Tune in to PATC Podcast and join the conversation with Silouan Green, and together, let's work towards a healthier and more supportive public safety community.