Episode #2.24: Kajsa Bank - Hittarps IK (Sweden)

Iron Game Chalk Talk 2.0

06-02-2021 • 43分

Visit our website at https://isaiahcastilleja.podbean.com/ Please visit our sponsors and show them some appreciation for their support. - Visit PLAE at www.plae.us - Visit Teambuildr at www.teambuildr.com -Visit Optimum Nutrition at www.optimumnutrition.com -Visit Flex Stronger at www.flexstronger.com -Visit GymAware at www.gymaware.com Coach Kajsa Bank is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at the Hittarps IK, a professional soccer club in Sweden. She is also the owner of Fitness in the Bank.   In this episode of Iron Game Chalk Talk 2.0, Coach Bank Talks to us about:
  • Her transition from collegiate strength and conditioning in America, to Professional Strength and Conditioning in Sweden.
  • The creative ways needed to program for a professional team that has an age range from 15 years old to 45 years old.
  • And her take on how to launch a successful fitness company..
All this, in another new episode of Iron Game Chalk Talk 2.0.