Working Fathers

University of Melbourne

Welcome to Working Fathers, a podcast about dads, families and work. This podcast looks at the many different roles fathers play in contemporary Australian families and society – and how policy can better recognise, value and support fatherhood. We look at the rewards and transformations of fatherhood, the challenges of balancing the demands of work and family, and the sometimes competing demands of being a good father and a good worker. We also explore how policies and practices, from tax law to household chores, continue to shape the daily lives of working fathers and their families. With the help of experts from Australia and overseas, we look at why fathers’ primary role is still breadwinning, how fatherhood has evolved over time, what it might look in the future, and why policies and practices that open up greater choices for working fathers and their families are the key to enhanced wellbeing, a more gender equal society, and fairer workplaces.

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